Another promising artist has joined Club 27. Dash Snow, who gained prominence after being featured in an article titled “Warhol’s Children” that appeared in New York magazine in 2007, has died in New York from heroine overdose. Snow was quite a mythical hero of an artistic underworld in lower Manhattan. A close friend of Snow, the photographer Ryan McGinley, has this to say about the late artist:

It's funny to me that Dash has become like a rock star, but he's so paranoid," Ryan McGinley, the photographer and a close friend, told New York. "That comes from graffiti culture – like, you want everybody to know who you are and you're going to write your name all over the city, but you can't let anyone know who you really are. It's, like, this idea of being notorious.

Snow was known for his photographs, videos, sculptures and collages. Below is a video compilation of some of his works.


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