It's been a while since the last time I fooled around with a Flash authoring software. Early this evening I found my self launching one of my favorite software, KoolMoves. This software, and Adobe Flash, are my main choice when it comes to creating anything that is Flash. I like this software because even if it is quiet small it is powerful enough, you can make little applications and games with it if you are really good with actionscript.

The screen shot above shows an imaginary Flash website. I did not really plan it, I just sort of go directly to the lay-outing and then I look at some available images and then just slapped them all together in the layout. The image of a laughing child in the header is of my son, taken just this afternoon. It took about a couple of hours to finish the small website. It is all flash but it loads quiet fast because I made it light. Some of the buttons do not function yet, but the important one function. Click on the screen shot above to go to the actual Flash website or click here.

The electric guitar is a simple musical instrument but when placed in the hands of an accomplished musician it could reach out to you as if it has a magical hand that could go deep into the center of the labyrinth of your heart and touch your soul. At least that's the way I see it. Some people don't see it that way. I remember one very late night many years ago, I laid in bed listening to the strains of the sound of a distant neighbor's radio. I could barely hear the voice of the singer and the sound of other instruments but I could distinctly hear the sound of the guitar, a clean tone floating in the air, wafted into my open window and into my ears by a gentle breeze. The song was Dire Strait's Sultans of Swing. The guitar playing of Mark Knopfler was as powerful as the lyrics. It was only then that I understood fully the meaning of that song.

The above image is the result of a couple of hours of fiddling with Adobe Photoshop. Yes, it took me long two hours to finish it. This image comes from two photos I got from the net shown below.


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